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Sunday, June 6, 2010

When Life Gets In The Way

Usually, I think I can be fairly disciplined, when I put my mind to it.  I wrote the first draft of Carving The Light within the 30 day time frame of NaNoWriMo, and got it ready to go to print within a few months - in time for my mom's birthday, even.

But lately, it seems that it's getting harder and harder to find the time to get it done at all during the day, let alone along with all of the other life-like stuff that has to be done.  And I am wondering why. 

Is it just that summer is coming, and bringing with it more events to attend and people to see?  Is it that I just so happen to have a lot going on at the moment, what with looking for a new place to live, deciding on a new role at work, and trying to promote Carving The Light at said social functions (along with keeping on top of my influence online to keep my Empire Avenue stock price up)?

Is it that the new book, while fun, is not nearly as cathartic and fulfilling to write?

Or is it, perhaps, a wacky combination of all of the above?

Now it's Sunday...yesterday was fun but ridiculous...it was so late by the time I got to bed.  I didn't even read, let alone entertain the thought of writing anything.  Today I don't feel very well, adn am staring at the start of a 6-day work week tomorrow.

Will I write more of my fairytale today?  I doubt it.  BUT I do plan to finally finish typing up everything I wrote last week, so that at least I will be caught up, in that regard.  And maybe it will prompt me to continue a little further with the story, now that it's finally gotten to the meat of it.

First, however, I have another task to complete.  At least this one is in the writing vein.  I have to sign my therapist's copy of Carving The Light.  And it must include, at her request, a zombie escape plan for her office.  *grins*

Best.  Task.  Ever.  :)

Until soon,


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