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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Serenity One Shot, Float Out, by Patton Oswalt

I just wanted to mention that I love Patton Oswalt.  His unique brand of comedy helped in getting me through a very tough year, and still does.

Now, two of my favourite things in the world have been united, as yesterday, Patton's Serenity One Shot comic, Float Out, hit comic book stores everywhere!  I made sure to pick up one copy of each cover, because, really, how could I choose?  :)

I read it through last night, and have to say, I'm really impressed.  Oswalt just gets it.  I'd heard he was a Firefly fan, and that he'd begged Joss Whedon to let him pitch a few story ideas for a Serenity-based comic book while he was doing guest spots on episodes of Whedon's now-cancelled TV series, Dollhouse.

Float Out technically takes place after the events of the feature film Serenity, but is largely told in flashbacks by new characters reminiscing on one of Serenity's 9.  The stories, and the comic as a whole, manage to retain the same brand of dialogue and humour that we've come to expect from a Joss Whedon tale, complete with a certain sense of character, history, heart, and how things all fit together in the 'Verse.

Also, the book's final panel made me cheer out loud.

Welcome to Serenity's 'Verse, Mr. Oswalt.  I'm so glad you could make it!

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