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Sunday, June 20, 2010

It Has Begun

Carving The Light is now available at Barnes & Noble!  It's on sale, even!  ;)

I am checking almost every day, and will post other places online where the book comes up available.  I am hoping to have it more in the Canadian market very soon, as well.  But in the meantime, I will definitely take what I can get!

Additionally, I am trying to get more traffic to my Amazon.com page.  If anyone has time, please go to the book page, and click on some things...click that you own the book, add it to a wishlist, agree with the tags and/or add your own, write a review, start a discussion or comment on one already begun, add a photo...anything you like.  Even the smallest things make a difference.

ALSO, I have finally started writing reviews for Amazon.com.  There are only 3 so far, so please go to my profile page and do the same thing...agree with my tags or add your own, click yes to say that my review was helpful to you...that sort of thing.  All of that will help increase traffic to my book page and profile awareness, all of which can only be a good thing, right?  :)

Empire Avenue got insane overnight, but in a good way.  My stock shot way up, and while it's hard to keep up with, I have to say...it's addictive and fun as heck!  I'm learning a lot more than I thought I would...at first it was just to make a friend happy, and possibly promote my book a little.  Now it's turned into much more than that, and is even keeping me from writing sometimes!  lol

I didn't end up seeing Toy Story 3, and i still haven't written about The A-Team, but I believe the podcast I recorded with The Mad Hatter goes up tomorrow, so I will post the link once I have it.  Right now, however, I should really write a bit...it's already past 7pm, and I haven't decided what to have for dinner yet.  I have a huge week coming up...Tuesday is my day off again, but there is so much to do that day (get an apartment, pick up mail, see the doctor, go to therapy, do laundry and now, likely, take my poor kitty cat to the vet somehow), that it will probably end up being busier and more tiring than work.  Hopefully all will go well, though.  I am nervous.

So for the moment, I will try to follow my own, and others', advice, on how to cope with motivation and writer's block...because it's been weeks since I did so:  Just Keep Writing!

Until soon,


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