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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Welcome to the official virtual book launch of a brand new fairytale, Ebon Black and the Seven Dryads!!!  Come on in, have a seat, grab a drink (or maybe an apple - that never hurt anyone, right?), and settle in for a spell!

There's much to do and enjoy - tell your friends!  :)

BOOK LAUNCH: Change Your Status!!!

Ebon Black and the Seven Dryads has officially been unleashed upon the world!   

In this new twist on a classic tale, a young boy (Ebon Black) must contend with an evil stepfather who wants to kill him to keep Ebon from becoming The Richest Of Them All!  Losing his memory after the attempt on his life, Ebon is rescued by seven lovely Dryads:  Joc, Weepy, Cranky, Glitzy, Nerdy, Needy and Pam.  Together, they race to find a way to get Ebon back home safely in time to claim his rightful place in society.

Now you can join in the fun by changing your status on Twitter, Facebook, etc to something announcing the arrival of this brand new book, launching today!!!  Search for Ebon-related pages on Facebook for even MORE fun!  See after the jump for status update ideas, and help spread the word!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Ebon Black and the Seven Dryads

There are 7 (!) SIGNED copies of Ebon Black and the Seven Dryads being given away as part of the Goodreads First Reads program!  Contest ends September 30th, so head on over to http://www.goodreads.com/ and enter now!!!

Additionally, there is a direct link on this blog's main page, or you can just click 'n' go here!  :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

BOOK LAUNCH: One Week To Go!!!

One week from today I will be selling and signing copies of my new book for kids, Ebon Black and the Seven Dryads!  I will be in person all day at Wordstock in Collingwood, ON, but I'm also organizing a virtual launch online to coincide with the in-person event!  There will be some goodies here, and a bunch more on my Facebook page.  There is currently a giveaway happening over at Goodreads, as well.

My hope is that people will interact with the Amazon page, this blog, and the Facebook page...and maybe even buy the book (which is available for the Kindle and as an e-book, as well)!  ;)

I plan to blitz the world with Ebon all at once, and hope to gain some notice, while giving people like YOU a chance to have a little fun in support!

There's even a word search - in the shape of a happy face, no less!

A contest will then be underway, in which people will be able to create their own artwork for the book, submit it to a special email address, and have a shot at winning a free copy of the 1st anniversary Kids' Edition, which will have the winners' full colour illustrations included, as well as their names in the credits!

It's a bit of a different approach, and my hope is that readers will get as excited about the possibilites as I am!

So keep an eye out here and on Facebook, for more and more information and goodness will become available as we approach September 10th!

Hope to see you there!

Until soon,