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Friday, November 12, 2010

Reviews For Carving The Light!

Thanks in no small part to the Goodreads.com community, I have finally started receiving reviews for my book online!  They are all visible on my book page, but here are some of the highlights thus far:

DangerGirl says: 

Have tissues at the ready.

Ms. Maynard is so apt at creating characters that are both vivid and complete that you are immediately drawn into their lives and empathize with their struggles and their joys. She has knit together a journey that truly will have you laughing out loud with tears rolling down your face.

Arliss writes:

I enjoyed this story of three sisters who endured a tragic event during their childhood.

Ms Maynard allowed me to travel with the sisters, feel their painful experiences, and know the secrets they kept from each other. Through her writing I laughed, I cried, I cheered, and I pitied these girls as if I too was part of their family.

I look forward to her future writings.

And Delilah feels:
I thought that this was a great book. It spoke from the heart and was a very true account of the feelings of guilt people can carry around with them. It is so true about the fact that if more people would talk about their feelings it would avoid so many misunderstandings. I would highly recommend this as a goodread.

I will be posting individually on Goodreads, probably later this evening, but I wanted to say overall how grateful I am to each of those women for taking the time to post their thoughts about Carving The Light.  And I am REALLY happy that people are enjoying it!  The Collins girls and the fabulous people in their lives became very important to me while I was writing their story, and I suspect that they will always occupy a special place in my heart.  So, thank you, to everyone who's taking the time to look at my book, or to pick it up and read it, and to those who spread the word and let others know (and me, too) how they feel about it, or how it's affected them.
And if anyone feels like posting similar thoughts on Amazon, please feel free to do so!  lol
In OTHER news, we are now just mere weeks away from the beginning of the Ryerson Chang school's winter ad campaign, and I can not wait!  I got an update email from them today, letting me know that they will be submitting materials to other print publications and such, as well, so that is outstanding...I'd love to see where else I turn up!
I've started putting together small prizes for the contest, too, so get ready to keep on the lookout!  I just got a cute little Carving The Light totebag in the mail the other day, and there will be much more to come!  Pictures to follow, but for now, this is what the ad will look like. 
Watch out for it all over Toronto via the TTC, starting November 29th!
Until soon,