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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Welcome to the official virtual book launch of a brand new fairytale, Ebon Black and the Seven Dryads!!!  Come on in, have a seat, grab a drink (or maybe an apple - that never hurt anyone, right?), and settle in for a spell!

There's much to do and enjoy - tell your friends!  :)


Change your status to one of the following, or something of your own creation:

Who's The Richest Of Them All? Find out here! http://amzn.com/1463768753

Ebon Black and the Seven Dryads World Tour 2011 http://amzn.com/1463768753

Check out this fun new twist on a classic tale: http://amzn.com/1463768753

I'll never look at trees the same way again! http://amzn.com/1463768753

Can YOU name all 7? http://amzn.com/1463768753

My friend wrote a fairytale that could turn the whole genre upsidedown! http://amzn.com/1463768753

What's a Dryad? http://amzn.com/1463768753

I wanna visit Pam's Place! http://amzn.com/1463768753

Joc, Weepy, Cranky, Glitzy, Nerdy, Needy and Pam http://amzn.com/1463768753

Facebook Character Scavenger Hunt!!!
Search Facebook for each character's page - there are 13 in all! Some of them may require a little deductive reasoning and searching (the Amazon.com search inside feature might help, too, as well as the Ebon Black Word Search), but all of them have more information than you could ever want to know, so have fun! And don't forget to "like" each character as you locate them! You can even comment on their walls, and add to their lists of favourite movies, etc, as inspiration strikes!

Amazon Blitz!!!

This is where a few minutes from each of you can make all the difference in the world!  Please go to your local Amazon page (you must have an account that you have used to purchase items in the past), and find the Ebon Black book page.  There is also a Kindle page linked if you are on Amazon.com, so you can go from one to the other with ease.

Once there, I need you to do a few things.  Click the "Like" buttom at the top near the title.  Then scroll down to where the Tags section is.  If you are on Amazon.com or .ca, you will see some tags on there already.  Agree with them by clicking the check box next to each one, and/or add your own.  You can check up to 15 total, so go nuts!  This helps Ebon sit higher in searches when people are looking for books with specific tags, subjects, etc.

Finally, IF there are any (positive) reviews on the page, PLEASE click the "Yes" it was helpful button under each review.  When people care enough to take the time to write and post even a small blurb about my books, I at least want to reward them with positivity in return, and increase their reviewer standings in the process.

So there you have it - a few quick and easy things that you can do to help Ebon's visibility online, without even having to buy the book!  ;)

If you ARE actually willing and able to purchase the book online, please try to do it through Amazon.com, and on the 10th, if possible. This will increase the book's sales ranking for the day, and place it higher up on the ladder in searches than it would be normally. It works whether you purchase the Kindle/e-book version for $1.49, or the paperback for $6.99. If you live in the US, grab a couple of friends and aim for the free shipping option. If you live in Canada (or anywhere else), grab a few friends and split the shipping cost. It will be faster and cheaper than waiting to get a copy from me in person, and it will help me out a great deal! I also promise to sign as many as possible once the shipment arrives! ;)

Search Engine Challenge!!!

While the official mini book launch is on September 10th, word has already been spreading about this new twist on a classic tale! Bring up your favourite search engine and see how many references, links, images, etc that you can find related to Ebon Black and the Seven Dryads, and post them here for the rest of us to follow! It's amazing how many different places are already taking notice! Go ahead - see how many YOU can find!

Create your own illustrations for your favourite scenes in Ebon Black and the Seven Dryads, and email them to PamDsPlace@gmail.com. You could win a chance to have your name and artwork included in the first anniversary full-colour Kids' Edition of the book! As well, each winner will receive a free copy of the anniversary edition when it comes out! So start reading, and get your drawings ready, because it's never too soon! Keep an eye on http://suemaynard.blogspot.com for more details as they become available.
Ebon Black Word Search!!!

There are 47 words related to the book hidden in the Ebon Black Word Search. Print it off at home, or save and open in your computer's Paint program to check them all off the list! How many can YOU find?  

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