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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Does Size Matter?

So, without going into a ton of detail, my newest book is a fairytale.  Well, a complete rewrite of an already well-known fairytale.

Compared with Carving The Light, this one is a lot lighter and more fun to write.

But are there fairytale-writing rules that I should know about?  For example, does the length of it really matter?
I have the entire story pretty much worked out in my head already.  It's actually so complete in there that I am almost annoyed at having to actually write it all down.  But as I write, I am discovering new things, and making mild alterations as I go.  So I guess I'm glad I can't just make it materialize into a complete written tale out of my mind at will.

I decided, then, to just write it.  Write the first draft however it comes out, and then buckle down and edit the heck out it after.  But now that I am actually writing...I don't know if it was just the trying-to-be-prolific way in which I attacked the NaNo project, or if I am just really wordy in general (ha, said the blog writer)...I'm finding that it's coming out on paper to be much longer than it was in my head.  I keep telling myself to just stick with the plan and write, but I am torn.

I am not sure if it will be easier to edit it down and cut things out after the fact, or if I should try and whittle it all down now, and flesh it out later, if need be.  I'm not really sure how long a fairytale should be...this one will be okay for younger readers (assuming their attention span is long enough), but I think it will end up being enjoyed more by older readers, and probably even adults.  I mean, I am adult-ish, and even I giggle inwardly as I write it, so that's possibly a good sign!

Anyway, more to come.  I am struggling with the length, but so far, I am still just writing it as it comes out, and will see how it goes from there.  That plan may change, but for now, it's how I roll.

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