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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Safe to say that, as far as writing goes, today will be a total write-OFF.

Thanks to The Mad Hatter, I am bound for the Jays/Yanks game this afternoon...with my sunglasses and possibly even a hat.  ;)

Up next is a quick trip to the Silver Snail so that my friend can finally snag herself a copy of Patton Oswalt's Serenity comic, Float Out.

From there, we head to Mr. Greenjeans to make an appearance at a shindig with the Toronto Browncoats.

And THEN, it's the Artful Dodger's annual Shady Background back patio Opening Party.  Though it's supposed to rain, of course, so we may spend some time there under the overhang, or inside all together.  lol

Either way, though, while I won't be doing much writing, if any, today, it's an excellent unofficial start to the summer season, I gotta say!

Enjoy your day, Readers.

Until soon,



  1. Yay, that sounds like a day chock full of fun!! I love the pic, and I'm so glad we got to experience that magical place together.

  2. Meeee too! Especially since it's for sale now. :'(

    Wish I could buy it. I'd take very good care of it. The grass would always be velvet, and the corn would always be whispering. :)