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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Author Event!!!

Well, I am now registered and will have a table at Wordstock in Collingwood, ON on Saturday, September 11th.  My very first author sale and signing event!  And I couldn't be more nervous and excited, truth be told.  :)

I've ordered in 25 copies of Carving The Light to have at the table, as well as business cards with details about the book, merchandise, and this blog, so that people can keep up with news of my latest WIPs, etc.

I plan to have my table set up to look fairly cool, too.  I'm going to pick up a small light-up pumpkin/Jack-o-lantern to have in one corner, and a display copy of the book will be on an easel in the other corner.  I had MANY ideas for things (including a mock-up of the Collins Family Halloween Photo Album) but this has all happened so quickly that there just wasn't time!  I also wanted to put up some of the pictures that were taken at Fan Expo last weekend, but again...time and money are a bit tight at the moment.

As it is, the event happens the day after I am seeing a midnight screening of James Gunn's film Super at TIFF, which means I will be running all day on very little sleep, but I am sure nerves and adrenaline will keep me going for most of the day, at least!  ;)

So there you have it.  If you are in the Collingwood area on Sept 11th, come by and say hello!  I will be there.  Sleepy, nervous, and excited!  :) 

Until soon,


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