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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pitch Revisions!


It seems that every time I take a breather and then go back to my pitch, I find more ways to tinker with it!  I even have visions of myself doing some last-minute tinkering at 11:59pm on the 23rd!  lol

Good grief.

At any rate, have a look ahead to see where my pitch is at today.

The Collins sisters have secrets.

Haunted by the loss of their parents in a tragic car crash years before, three women now harbour dark secrets from one another - secrets which threaten to tear the remains of their family apart.

Samantha, afraid that letting her older sisters know about her same-sex relationship would mean losing them altogether, fights the specter of something deeper she buried long ago, which has now begun to push its way to the surface. Julie, attempting to conceal her renewed battle with cancer, worries that her sisters will learn the truth that ended her marriage. And Emily, a gifted student who dropped out of college to raise her younger siblings, wrestles with perhaps the biggest secret of all. She knows what really happened the night their parents died.

As the sisters gather for Thanksgiving, and the twenty-fifth anniversary of that horrible night looms, long-hidden secrets threaten to spill out into the open. The women must face their fears and learn that their greatest strength lies in their love for one another, even as tragedy lurks nearby, waiting to strike a second time.

CARVING THE LIGHT is a story about love, loss, and the redemptive power of forgiveness. This work of women's fiction depicts the strength, humour, and heartache of characters who are fully realized, while demonstrating the lengths to which some people will go to protect the ones they love from a difficult truth.

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