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Monday, July 12, 2010

Reading and Writing

I only have a moment, so will make this one quick.  Have to get to my day job, after all!
But I noticed something over the weekend that I thought I would share.

Reading helps with writing.

I'm currently reading my way through the Harry Potter series for the first time (I know) and, while it is helping to keep me in a good frame of mind for writing my little fairytale, I found something else that is helping even more.

Reading my fairytale aloud.

In my head, I have a certain voice for it as I write it.  But I started reading it out loud this weekend, and I found it helped immensely as far as finding what worked, locating typos and other errors, and finding parts that were a bit clumsy, or some that just sounded wrong while I was reading.

And now, having read up to the point at which I've currently written, I'm finding I feel more connected to the story and the characters than I did while the "voice" just existed in my head.  I am the WORST at reading things aloud, but I'll get better.  And in the meantime, hearing my fairytale read out loud...the way it's meant to be...is helping me gain perspective on and intimacy with the story as it's written, as well as giving me that extra bit of motivational push that I need to keep writing!

OK, more later...for now, TGIM!


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