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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finally! Carving The Light Is Now Available In CANADA!!!

At long last, my first novel has made it's way across the border and into Canada.  It's showing up on Amazon.ca, and I am hoping it will hit the Chapters/Indigo market at some point, as well.

I've been waiting a long time for the chance to get my book into a Canadian online store, and am hoping to be able to get it into some retail stores, as well.  I have to pack and find a place to move to by the end of this month, so that's where my focus should be, but hopefully once I get settled in, my little book will start cropping up in more places across North America.  That's the plan, at any rate!  :)

I also really need to work more on my new book...I haven't written anything in weeks.  Since it is CANADA DAY, though, and I have the day off, I'm hoping to be able to make some headway on the first draft.

First, though, I need to eat and watch some Buffy.  ;)

In the meantime, please feel free to check out Carving The Light on Amazon.com (see link attached) and/or Amazon.ca (see above), and add your own thoughts, discussions, tags, reviews, click that you own it, add it to your wishlist, etc.  And if you are in Canada, this is the first time you can order it and pay in Canadian funds...AND it qualifies for free Super Saver shipping, if your order is $40 or more!  So get on out there, folks!  There's a tearful moving drama out there waiting for you!

Until soon,


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