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Sunday, May 23, 2010

This Is Where The Fun Begins

I've been meaning to start an author blog for some time now...it's just been hard to find the time between my day job, a miniscule social life, writing a new book, and promoting my first novel, Carving The Light. It's fun (except the day job thing), but suddenly there haven't been enough hours in the day! At least, not for the things I want to do.

So this first post will hopefully be very short. I am hungry and there is a massive greasy brunch calling my name. And perhaps a movie. I will either start watching Buffy Season 5, or I will watch one of the movies my friend has loaned to me...Once or 500 Days of Summer. We'll see what kind of mood I am in by the time said greasy brunch is ready!

That being said, this blog will mostly be about writing. About the process, the frustrations, the exciting moments, the schitzo moments, the blocks, the hurdles, promotional ideas, questions, rants, vents, rumblings, relief, victories...you get the idea. Basically, whatever pops into my head about writing, I will try to write about. Maybe it will even help me to 'talk it out' sometimes!

For now, my tummy wants to get some food into it. I will post again after I eat and digest a little bit!

Until soon,

Sue A. Maynard

PS  For Empire Avenue:  EAVB_ZZMPWYLDXA

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