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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Moving On...

Now that I've forgotten what else I'd wanted to say about NaNo style pro's and con's, let's move on, shall we?  The laundry is in, and I have a good 20 minutes before I have to go down and change it over to the dryers.  ;)

The question now is, would I ever go and participate in NaNo again, now that I've done it once?

The short answer is:  Yes, absolutely!

The longer answer is:  It depends...

First and foremost, it really depends on whether or not I have something I want to write about...and whether or not I have it around the middle to end of October.  If I am going to throw caution (and editing) to the wind, and just write as much and as quickly as I can, I want to at least have a general plan mapped out in my brain for where I want to start, and where I sort of hope to end up.  I've learned about how there are MANY surprises along the way, so I am not even going to pretend to think I will know or be able to control the entire project from start to finish.  But I at least want to have an idea.

I knew with Carving The Light who the characters were...I had to give them names and descriptions to flesh them out, but as basic people, I knew them.  I knew the general sense of the story we were going to tell together.  I knew more or less where I intended to end up.  I didn't have a title.  And I wasn't always sure which plot points were going to be revealed and when.  And I certainly had no idea that there were parts of the journey that would come as a surprise even to me.  But I wasn't too far into it when I knew what the last line would be.  And I used that as my guidepost to keep me on the trail, knowing that even though I couldn't see everything that would happen in between, I did, at least, know where I was going; where the girls were taking me, and where we would all end up.

It is so hot in here I can barely think.  Good grief.

So yes, I would do NaNo again.  But I'd need to have an idea of where I thought the month would be taking me.  I am known to not finish what I start, and if I went through all of that, only to see my progress graph fall behind and short of the mark, I'd be...

...well...it wouldn't be good.

I am all for spontaneous creativity, but I don't think I would do well if I started out completely in that vein.  I don't need to know everything and have it all worked out, then manipulate and bend it all to my original will.  But I do need to have an idea...one that can change and grow and fluctuate over those mad 30 days in November, to be sure.  But it needs to be a little more than just a seed.  A seed is a great start, and many writers can turn it into full-blown fruit-brearing trees.  But I don't think I'm that person...I need more of a sapling...one that at least lets me know what kind of tree I'm trying to grow.

Because once I have that, there will no stopping me.

At least...not anymore.  ;)

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