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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ryerson - Chang School Photo Shoot Tomorrow!!!

Everything is coming together for the ad I will be featured in for Ryerson's Chang School of Continuing Education!  The photo shoot is tomorrow morning and, with the exception of a still sore and bumpy eye, I am good to go!

I've picked out my wardrobe options for the shoot.  I was told business casual, mid-dark tones, no patterns, no solid black or white.  I was contacted by the photographer, Jim Panou, and he sent a link to the gallery he has up for past shoots as examples.  I am going to TRY and wear my Carving The Light t-shirt, over a dark blue long-sleeved shirt, and see if it can be done that way.  It may be too busy for the ad text, and I know you won't really be able to see the picture on the front very clearly at all, but I think having a sort of subtle visual reminder would be good, for anyone who may try to search out my book after.  If they have an idea of the cover, that would help them know it instantly, even in a Google search. 

If I am not allowed to wear the t-shirt, however, I will swap the top layer for an olive green button down...that ought to do the trick!  :)

Additionally, I got to approve the copy for the ad on Saturday.  I was told by the writer, Stephanie Richmond, that my ad practically wrote itself, because I'd written "such a lovely quote" to begin with!  And she did a great job at reducing it to under 50 words, without me coming across like a huge dork!  ;)

She also is submitting it WITH the title of my novel in there, too, but neither of us are sure whether the Chang School folks will leave it in, or not.  She said I would get to approve the full ad before it goes to print, however, so with any luck, I will at least know ahead of time whether the book title is included, or not!

This is all way exciting...I am still more excited to see my lovely girl in California first, but then it'll be a long few weeks of waiting for the winter ad campaign to roll out!  Just in time for the holidays, too...I could not have planned it better!  :)

Until soon,


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